Quality Control, Analytical Method Development and Clinical Testing Support


Our on-site Quality Control (QC) and Analytical Method Development (AD) labs support the one-stream manufacturing philosophy to aid our customers ensure the products we create together are backed by robust analytical methods.

  • Compendial testing

  • Titer, Identity, Purity and Potency testing

  • Impurity testing

  • Safety Methods

  • Stability Study Program design and execution

In addition to our manufacturing support testing, Vinta Bio offers unique clinical support testing services to support programs from pre-clinical to registrational. We can help develop the methods below:

  • Cell-based neutralizing antibody (Nab) titer assay

  • IFN- γ ELISPOT assay

  • ADA assays in detecting anti-viral capsid antibodies (Bab and Nab)

  • Meso Scale Discovery (MSD) Platform

  • dPCR-based assays for biodistribution and vector shedding analysis

  • Forced degradation studies to support process and product characterization

Contact us today to discuss your program’s testing or analytical method development needs and Vinta’s team of scientists can help recommend or optimize a panel of tests to help us be successful in the next phase of your program