Viral Vector Manufacturing


Vinta Bio has recruited some of the top talent in industry for delivering consistent, superior-quality viral vectors. Our scientists are well-versed in viral vector manufacturing operations and helping you streamline your process to introduce efficiencies as we move through the clinic together, with eyes on the goal of commercialization.

Vinta Bio is skilled in the following viral vector types:
  • Adeno-associated Viral vectors (AAV)

  • Lentiviral Vectors (LVV)

We also have cell banks and plasmids available to support your program’s development needs.

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Need Plasmids?

Vinta Bio can help customers with research-grade plasmid manufacturing services. Currently we can support plasmid manufacturing in our R&D, Process Development lab.

We also have established relationships with vendors to procure cGMP Plasmids, as necessary, to ensure your program stays on time and on budget.