VintaBio is a life sciences company with unmatched industry expertise helping alleviate the viral vector bottleneck in cell and gene therapy development. We specialize in customized process development, GMP manufacturing, and quality control services for cell and gene therapies.

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Our one-stream process

Offers consistency and transformability at every stage of your vector needs.

Research Vector Service

Analytical Service

GMP Production

Regulatory Support

Research Vector

Analytical Service

GMP production

Regulatory Support

Our analytical services center around biological assays that are essential for viral vector quality control. From assay transfer to assay qualification and validation, our analytical team is ready to assist. Our goal is to make your ideas a reality.

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GMP Manufacturing

CGMP QC Services

Plasmid Manufacturing


For delivering gene therapeutics


For delivering gene therapeutics 


VintaBio’s package offers reliability and consistency by using the same master cell bank and production plasmids from the research vectors through clinical vectors, helping turn your concept into a successful program. Coupled with our strong process development and analytical teams, VintaBio’s one-stream package will have you covered from proof-of-concepts through clinical trials in gene therapy development.
At VintaBio, we offer vector production at multiple different quality scales:

- Research Use Only (RUO) vector material
- “GMP-like” material
- cGMP material

RUO vector material is typically generated at a controlled research lab with a dedicated production team. Although the production process is consistent, it is not controlled, recorded, or reviewed by our quality team.

Depending on your needs, various aspects of the production process can be controlled and reviewed by our QA group, including the final product release.

Our cGMP material is produced at a dedicated, monitored Grade B environment. All materials used for cGMP production go through a review and release process and are dedicated to a batch.

Our quality management system is involved in every step of the production from batch record issuance to deviation resolution and batch release. We offer the full spectrum of services from research vectors through cGMP production, including production support services.
Each request is individual, unique, and special. Please fill out the “Contact Us” form on this page so we can address your questions and find the right level of service.


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