Our Facility

Our small footprint facility was designed to produce streamlined workflows.

We are located in the heart of Philly’s cell & gene therapy hub. Our 22,500 square foot streamlined facility was designed to give our partners an edge on innovation, speed to market and cost savings.

We are currently optimized to provide Research Grade Viral Vector Production, Process Development, Analytical Method Development & cGMP Release, and Viral Vector Manufacturing Services for Toxicology and Clinical Material.

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Our Speed Advantage

Building capacity through a specialized CDMO is a significant advantage when defining a manufacturing strategy. Bridging into our proven process and leveraging our regulatory support file can remove the need for traditional process development and repeat studies. Outsourcing can accelerate clinical assets and assist with reaching critical milestones faster.

Our Cost Advantage

VintaBio rigorously considers all aspects of the process to ensure that our production process is as efficient and reliable as possible. With our small footprint process, we strive to be the lowest vector genome (VG) per dollar per square foot in the industry. We serve as an extension of your staff and can expedite learnings and overall project timelines.

Our Innovation Advantage

With over 120 years of combined experience in the cell & gene therapy field, our team utilizes know how and process advancements that were established by our founders and build upon that for our clients. Working with and leveraging our team’s vast experience can bring significant advancements early in the development cycle of a therapy accelerating your time to the clinic.