Our Approach

We take a patient first approach to industry partnerships

It starts with the patient

Our goal is to pave the way to clinical success. We start with your indication and dosing strategy to determine the most effective and economical approach to guide your program from discovery to GMP. Leveraging our proprietary platform, your production is tailored to provide the highest quality vectors at exceptional value.

Let’s talk about our approach

We take a data-driven, no-nonsense approach to your program

Resetting the baseline in CDMO Partnerships

We are committed to the success of our visionary partners. Our personalized approach offers support at every stage of the development journey with keen focus on efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Our simplified, one-stream process enables us to:

Lower Costs

  • Platform bridging, no classic process development
  • Simplified Production Platform
  • Reduced Material Needs

Enhance Quality

  • Minimize risk through Platform Robustness
  • High vector quantities, up to 1e17 vg total vector genomes, >90% full capsids
  • High Purity Vectors, >90% full capsids

Move Faster

  • Reduce redundancy
  • Supply chain and GMP integration
  • No tech transfer activities
  • Proven platform

Our platform

Our super-producing AAV platform provides the most vector per dollar without compromise.  At its core is a proprietary cell line and transfection method that produces 1E17 total vg, making it applicable to even the most dose-demanding indications.

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